Flesh: cut-in-piece

Screenshot from a 07’41 Video Art Piece realized in collaboration with the italian Performer Gabriella Zeno.

We can’t beat Bill Viola, so let’s go Low-Res!
In June 2015, after a Butoh Seminar, Gabriella tested in her studio a new performance entitled “Carne (entropici sogni di redenzione)” filming herself with a Sony Handycam DCR-SX65E.

Instead of re-shooting everything in HD (that was the plan…), we decided to use the original low resolution (720×576) video (duration: about 20′), with the purpose of preserving the whole sequence, cutting it in several “pieces”, editing and placing each – almost simultaneously – on the stage.

The points are:

Preserving the original performance essence.
Gestalt: low resolution helped us producing visual ambiguity and the desired impact on perception.
Playing with time: our aim was to persuade the audience that the subject of footage was a performing act happened some years ago.

The final motto is: we can’t beat Bill Viola, so let’s go Low-Res!

Some info about the video:

Reference: Flesh 1: CUT-IN PIECE (The original footage)
Title: Carne (entropici sogni di redenzione) – polyptych 07’41”, Italia 2015
Editing based on the original performance footage by Gabriella Zeno
Camera: Sony Handycam DCR-SX65E
Length: 7’41” (07’59” with closing titles)
1280×720 PAL Progressive 25 fps
Video Codec Mpeg-2 Video (mpgv)
Audio: Sample Rate 48000 Hz, stereo channels
Audio: Codec Mpeg Audio Layer (mpga)

Audio Tracks
Track 1: Voice
Track 2: Voice (remixed)
Track 2: Agnus Dei (remixed)
Track 3: Slaughterhouse – Factory Sounds (remixed)