Noema Release 5

I’m working with Prof. Pier Luigi Capucci on the new release of the Noemalab website, codename Noema Release 5.
(nóēma, from Greek νόημα, “thought”, “concept”, “idea”) is an online magazine devoted to the relationships and influences among culture, sciences and technologies. “Culture” also means “habits”, “lifestyles”, “communication”, “art”, “society”, “economy”, “media”, “philosophy”…, while “technologies” should be intended in a broader meaning than the mere digital realm.

Noema was born in November 1999 and it has been officially online since March 2000.

Its roots date back to the beginning of ’90s: in March 1994 a small group at the University of Bologna published NetMagazine, then renamed in MagNet, the first online magazine in Italy, an experience which is still mentioned in the books on Interface Design.

Noema has always been a key magazine in the analysis of the cultural systems’ transformations, and it keeps on in exploring and monitoring the society’s evolution thanks to its net of authors.

In 2003 RAI International selected it as best Italian website.

Noema has anticipated and influenced, for its contents, logics and sections, many websites on the relationships between culture and technologies, not only in Italy. The website followed the Web evolution, passing from pure HTML to databases and adjusting its interface until the 3rd release in 2004, which has remained unchanged until 2010.

In the meanwhile Noema has originated many projects, from didactics to publishing, from journalism to Open Source, to art…

Since 2010 it was at the release 4.

Release 5 coming may 2017.