Ubuntu Amule Socket Error


The problem affects Amule for Ubuntu.

I own an ubuntu 16.04, but the fix should be valid for all versions, since it affects the application and not the OS.

Alert: “An assertion failed ../src/unix/sockunix.cpp(143): assert “m_fd != INVALID_SOCKET” failed in OnReadWaiting(): invalid socket ready for reading?”


  1. Disconnect your computer from the internet (disable networking) before launching Amule, so that it won’t try to connect on startup.
  2. Open Amule preferences > connection > and unselect the check mark on “Autoconnect on startup”. Close preferences panel.
  3. In the Amule “Downloads” panel, pause (or stop) all downloads.
  4. Reconnect your computer to the net (enable networking).
  5. Resume your downloads.

Happy sharing!